Best Magnetic Levitation Shoe Display

by Randal

Whether you are an experienced shoe collector or a retailer, highlighting the best shoe can be critical. There is a fantastic levitating shoe display out there that you can use to display your shoes and make them stand out.

Designed to showcase your preferred footwear (and other products) to the world, you can create a unique floating shoe display with this stand.

Levitating shoe display varies by design, feature, and price. However, they all use the same technology to ensure that your shoe turns and levitates.

This article will look at the best levitating shoe display you can get for yourself and its key features.

Let’s dive in!

X-Floating Levitating Shoe Display

This sleek black design levitating shoe display can be the center of attention thanks to its style. The powerful LED light from the shoe display surrounds your shoes displaying all of its unique features.

Based on the display setup, the shoe display can comfortably accommodate shoes up to size 13 and rotate 360 degrees. It might, however, not work well with high heel shoes since they may get caught as it turns.

X- floating levitating shoe display has a strong magnet you can insert in the shoe to keep it afloat. The shoe display also has a built-in fan with a tiny air opening that keeps the shoe circulating so it may rotate without stopping.

If the shoe is not heavy enough, it might not be easy to rotate. The shoe display, however, comes with metal balls that add weight and make the shoe levitate properly.

X-Floating Levitating Shoe Display Key Features

The X-floating shoe display key features include:

  • 360-degree rotation with an inbuilt fan
  • Sleek black design
  • Long-lasting. powerful LED light
  • Easy-to-use rotating magnet
  • wide

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Levitating Shoe Display

Consider the following factors when shopping for a levitating shoe display.


The size of a shoe display will determine what kind of shoe will be displayed. While some can support shoes up to size 13, others are smaller and best suited for lighter shoes.


The levitating shoe display has a power switch; however, some come with a remote control to turn on and off and control any other feature. These features include brightness, color, and speed.


A shoe display usually comes in white or black with a glossy or matte texture. You should consider the type of shoe you want to display before purchasing a shoe display.


What is the best levitating shoe to buy? There are lots of options and views to consider. Quality, which can come from several sources, such as durability, design aesthetic, and reliability, is one of the most vital things to consider when purchasing a shoe display.

Finding a product of the best quality is not always easy. Even though the displays are generally expensive and demanding, quality shoe displays are worth it when you find them.

The Last Word on Levitating Shoe Display

Using levitating shoe display is fun to display some of your favorite shoes. They are attractive, come in various sheds, and use lighting to highlight some of the shoes’ best qualities.

Before picking a levitating shoe display, consider what color base you would want and if you will need any additional features.

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