How Nonprofits Can Reinvent Themselves Post- Covid

Uncertainty and new challenges are threatening the survival of many businesses. Climate change, technology, and, more recently, disruption to supply chains are playing a role in disrupting recovery post-pandemic. Many companies that would ordinarily be back to normal operations have found trading challenging due to their over-reliance on just-in-time inventory and delivery. There are many …

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Forensic Accounting In Business

What is forensic accounting, and how are businesses using it? Forensic accounting is what businesses, large and small, use to investigate suspected financial crimes and other purposes, including the validity of insurance claims and the working out the fair market value of business valuations for sales or M&A (mergers and acquisitions) activity. Understanding Forensic Accounting …

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Enhancing Cross-Team Communication: 10 Top Tips

Communication between team members is crucial for the success of a business. Collaboration, innovation, and productivity are all dependant on teams communicating properly. Therefore you must put in the work to make cross-team communication as easy as possible for your staff. Plus, to enable collaboration between staff, many of whom may work remotely, your business will …

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